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The Storms of Change: Leading Through Transition

In the years I’ve spent consulting in the mortgage industry, one of the projects I’ve been involved with most often is helping organizations make the transition from broker to banker. In this process, organizations are worried about a great number of things. There are legal and regulatory issues, issues in growth strategy, profitability issues, and issues with recruiting and training. One thing that often gets overlooked, however, are the leadership capabilities of the organization. And I think this one also happens to be the most important.

Whether you are making the transition from broker to banker or some other major shift in your organization, times of change are when solid leadership is needed most. During these times, everything is in flux. The workforce begins to become unstable. Goals change. Processes begin to break down. The mission and values of the organization can start to evolve. If a strong leadership team is not in place during such changes, everything can quickly fall apart.

What major transition do you have coming up in your organization? It could be that you’re making the broker to banker transition. It could be you’re considering going through a merger or acquisition. It could even be that you’re launching an entirely new division or service line. Whatever it is, it’s important to ask yourself whether or not you have the right team in place to lead your organization through the change. Leading is easy when everything stays the same. The real challenges arise when the boat gets rocked and you have to navigate stormy waters. Take a good look at your leadership team. Do you have the right people that can steer the ship to come out smoothly on the other side of the storm?