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The Best Training is Ongoing Training

All too often, organizations in every industry think of training in a limited fashion. For many organizations, the only training that is ever offered occurs at the time of hire. Employees are first starting off in an organization, and they need to be taught how the organization works. So, they go through a period of training for the first few weeks on the job–and then they’re turned loose.

I think an initial period of training is absolutely essential. You always want to get your employees started off on the right foot, making sure they understand your purpose and values as well as how they will contribute to the team. That being said, while essential, I don’t the initial training that most organizations provide is quite enough. Training, if it is to be effective, isn’t a “one and done” sort of thing. The best training is ongoing training.

In all sorts of ways, the mortgage industry is constantly evolving. There are changing regulations that employees need to be made aware, new technologies employees need to understand, new process they need to learn, and new techniques they need to try out. The opportunities for learning don’t end after orientation; they go on forever.

As leaders in our organizations, we need to be willing to invest in training. Our team is only going to be as good as we’ve trained them to be. So, what about you? Is training something you just do with new employees, or is something you continually invest in as the industry chances and your employees develop in your organization?