Les Parker

Les ParkerLes Parker, Managing Director

I am a former senior vice president of a national technology and service company. I’d like to help you identify risks and trends in the credit markets and how they impact your life of loan analyses and quality loan manufacturing.

Les Parker served as the Senior Vice President of Industry Relations and Consulting at LoanLogics, a technology and services provider focused on improving mortgage loan quality, performance, and reliability throughout the loan lifecycle. His responsibilities included managing the company’s life of loan analytics and monitoring capabilities, overseeing consulting services, contributor to strategic planning team, and communicating with industry leaders to develop and maintain positive relationships.  He focused on identifying threats and strategic opportunities.

Parker has executive mortgage banking experience in capital markets, servicing, operations, production and financial management. Parker has served as director of the largest private issuer of CMOs. His educational background covers music, religious studies, mortgage banking, mathematics, and business administration. Parker holds a BBA in Finance, other degrees, and has held numerous securities licenses. Parker is a Master Certified Mortgage Banker, a designation conferred by the Mortgage Bankers Association. Parker writes, speaks, and provides audio content.  Since the late 1980s, he publishes a daily newsletter connecting global macroeconomics to US interest rate movement.