Jim Blanchard

Jim Blanchard For more than 45 years, Jim Blanchard has been developing and coaching leaders in many different industries. Assessing client needs from a strong business background allows him to facilitate learning that allows leaders and teams to solve problems and facilitate effective solutions and efficient opportunities in small and large organizations.
A founder of Strategic Positioning, Inc., Jim facilitates programs to develop cohesive teams and create organizational clarity for financial, manufacturing, technology and personal service organizations. He has supported the hiring process for senior leaders and coaches C level leaders and their teams toward better communication and personal growth.
Prior to SPI, s Senior Vice President of Marketing for Prudential Asset Management, a large company of 19 affiliates, he developed profitable entrepreneurial marketing, sales, and new product introductions while doing development work for companies doing business in Japan, Australia and Europe. Jim facilitated training programs for global money managers, sales teams and their manager, and board strategy meetings to facilitate the introduction new institutional products for Fortune 500 businesses, including 3M, Xerox, D&B, and Prudential.
Jim is certified as a Birkman consultant and as a facilitator of “Customer Oriented Selling” and “Leading Successful Projects” through Vital Learning.