Our consulting service focuses on helping your company improve its processes. We help teach you how to do things like increase your loan originations, perform operational “health checks”, and execute efficiency assessments from loan originations through loan servicing. Our goal is to help clients fund more loans that are compliant and accurate; with the least amount of friction, and in the least amount of time. Our goal is to exponentially increase your number of satisfied repeat customers.

TMS’s Executive Coaching Services
While one of its key objectives is to increase net bottom-line earnings, we ultimately desire to help you create a collaborative, cohesive, and consistent corporate culture. We help develop an environment where ALL employees feel valued, empowered, and become actively involved increasing your company’s success. We help you focus on determining what to do, how to do it, and most importantly: why you are doing it. The goal and object of our coaching services is to equip you to navigate through difficult circumstances, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and achieve success and satisfaction not otherwise thought possible.

TMS’s Communication Services
More and more, consumers want to know why they should give you their business. We help our clients determine their communications strategy by identifying, defining, and articulating their message. We then help you effectively, affordably, and efficiently communicate that message to your target audience.
Also, as a public service, TMS is dedicated to informing and educating (1) industry professionals through the weekly “Lykken on Lending” podcast (, as well as providing speakers at conferences and other industry events and (2) consumers through “Today’s Mortgage Minute” (, and through appearances on national television networks such as the FOX Business Network.