Company Statement

 In today’s environment the need to cut costs while looking for new ways to generate income is paramount.
Business owners and executives are not getting practical, workable solutions from their C-Level executives.
Existing cultures, competing interests or ‘kingdoms’ are being internally protected.
More and more executives tell us:
“We need a third party advisory group to evaluate and suggest real solutions!”   

Our Purpose:

 We exist to do right by people.

What we value:

Humility -the absence of pride and fear in the service of others.
Get stuff done -Self-motivated and diligent-always thinking about what’s next or what could be better.
Doing the right thing -‘What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.’

What we offer:

We provide culture, operations, and financial performance consulting services.

Key Persons

David Kittle

A 44 year veteran of the mortgage lending business starting as a loan officer with American Fletcher Mortgage (Bank One). I was CEO and President of three mortgage lending operations in Kentucky. I served as President of Area Mortgage, a division of Area Bancshares, the largest bank holding company in Kentucky, responsible for Origination, Secondary Marketing, Credit Quality and Loan Delivery for its 18 bank state wide operation.

* President
MBA of Louisville 1987
MBA of Kentucky 1994-1996

* Chairman
MBA Washington, DC 200

Building and maintaining profitable mortgage lending entities
Recruiting professional/ethical talent
Developing relationships throughout the mortgage value chain
Public Speaking
Congressional Testimony

Stephen Chapman

I’ve spent the past 6 years working with senior leaders and executives at Allstate and Walmart helping them improve the health of their organizations and culture. Prior to that I worked as an insurance agent, non-profit program coordinator, and youth pastor (no not all at the same time). I have a MA in Intercultural ministry and am working on my MBA. I’ve been married for 13 years and have 6 kiddos. Three are biological and three are adopted. We also fostered 10 other kiddos from 2013-2017. In my ‘spare’ time, I’m an avid runner (2 marathons and 14 half marathons and counting), roast my own coffee, and constantly seem to be making my wife’s woodworking dreams come true.

Howard Nathan

I’ve spent the over 25 years in working in the mortgage industry with over 15 in executive level financial positions including CFO of both Home Point Financial and UWM.  In addition to accounting and finance oversight during my career in mortgage banking, I have also had responsibility for HR, IT, Facilities, Project Management and Servicing.  I have also been involved in several M&A transactions on both the buy and sell side. 

I’ve been married for 18 years and have 2 kids. They keep me busy chauffeuring them to various sporting events as well as coaching. In my free time I enjoy playing golf, soccer and competing in Triathlons. 

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