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Leadership Runs on Passion

Leadership Runs on Passion

Passion not typically associated with the mortgage industry. From the outside, people often view anything within the financial sector as drab and uninteresting. As a result, many people entering the industry for the first time may be doing so simply because it’s a job. They may not fully grasp how fulfilling a career in the industry can be. As leaders in the industry, it’s up to us to show them.

It’s hard, however, to convince our people to be passionate about their work if we aren’t showing any passion in what we do. In the day-in, day-out hustle and bustle of business, it can be easy to start feeling like we’re going through the motions. Passion, sometimes, is not a natural disposition. As leaders, we’ve got to deliberately keep the fire fueled if we want to communicate the excitement we have for the industry to our people.

Our people will be interested to the extent that we are interested. Passion is contagious. You can’t be a great leader without a sense of passion for what you do. People want to be inspired in their work. If you aren’t passionate about your work, people will look elsewhere. Are you showing in your behavior that the mortgage industry is a fulfilling place to build a career? Do you run on passion?

Why are you in the mortgage business? What drives you? Until you answer these questions, you can’t really have the fire inside that spreads to your team. If you ask yourself these questions, though, and get a firm handle on your purpose, you’ll start the kind of fire that becomes unquenchable.