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How Patience Makes a Great Leader

We live in a very hectic society today. In our always-on, twenty-four seven, never let up culture, it can be easy to get sucked into the frenzy. As leaders in the mortgage industry, we always want to be first. We want to be the fastest to adopt the new technology, the fastest to enter into an emerging market, the fastest to hire the most talented employees, and so on. Whatever it is, we move quickly because we want to get there first.

Don’t get me wrong. There is certainly something to be said for speed. Being more responsive and proactive than competitors has obvious benefits, and we should always be aware of the opportunities available to us by reacting as quickly as possible. That being said, we need to also be aware of the risks. It is possible sometimes to move too quickly. What if we make a decision too quickly and then new information comes to light that, in retrospect, renders it a bad decision? Or, what if we commit to quickly to something and end up missing a better opportunity that comes along later?

As leaders in the mortgage industry, there is a place for strategic patience. Waiting isn’t necessarily a sign of laziness or complacency; waiting can also be a strategy. Taking thoughtful, measured steps can be better in the long run than taking quick, erratic leaps. We want to move as quickly as possible, but we also want our decisions to make sense. At the end of the day, great leaders don’t just move with speed; they also move with purpose.