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Great Leaders Never Stop Improving

I spend a great deal of time and effort writing, speaking, consulting, and coaching one single topic. It’s something everyone in the mortgage industry (and everywhere else, for that matter) wants for their businesses and their lives. It’s the goal for which we’re all striving—the reason why all of us get up in the morning. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about “success.”

It comes natural to us, I think, to frame everything in terms of how it will or will not help us achieve success in our lives and in our work. However, I think the way we talk about success sometimes detracts from what it really means to be successful. All too often, we see success as the summit of some great mountain we are climbing. Once we’re there, we’re done.
We have an obsession in our society with arriving.
We finish the college degree, and we’ve arrived. We don’t have to learn anymore.
We get the job, and we’ve arrived. We don’t have to focus on professional development anymore.
We get married, and we’ve arrived. We no longer have to impress our spouses.
Great leaders never stop improving. They know that success is not a destination; it’s a way. Success is a way of moving in the world. We can always become more successful, but we can never really “achieve success.” Success is not the summit of the mountain—success is rising to the next ridge.
So, what about you? How do you think about success in your organization? Are you pushing your people to “achieve success,” or are you pushing them to “become more successful.” This small distinction can make a world of difference in what you accomplish as you move forward…