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Can Working in the Mortgage Industry Give Us a Sense of Purpose?

Ask anyone why they do what they do and you will get a great deal of answers. The reasons people choose to work in the industries they do are multi-faceted. Some people go where there’s job security. Some people follow the money. Some people do what they find interesting. I do think, however, that all of us like to find meaning in our work. We want to believe that what we do serves some higher purpose.

I was once approached by an 85 year old man who asked for advice on starting a business. Surprised, I had asked him how much longer he thought he would live. He told me that he thought he would live until at least 90. When I asked him why, he said this: “Because I’ve got a 5 year business plan.”

Like any other industry, many of us in the mortgage industry approach the work as “just a job.” But, could it be more than that? Could it be something we never want to give up, because we see it as important work? Can working in the mortgage industry be a calling? Yes, I think it can.

Working in the mortgage industry can be meaningful work. We play a vital role of getting people into the homes in which they will raise families and build communities. If that isn’t something to aspire to, I don’t know what is. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with retiring. But try to look at your work in the industry such that, when you do retire, you look back on your career in recognition that you did a lot of good for a lot of people.